Country life: A fresh start

The kids, and us, adore our house and the fact that we live up a secluded track, with neighbours only just visible. It was a welcome move from the feeling of oppression that our home in Southampton had started to brew….
Blog to follow on the reasons behind the move and our dismay at our own prejudices. Love S X


Country life: A fresh start

2 thoughts on “Country life: A fresh start

  1. Hi there. I’m a friend of Lori’s. I know how proud (because she’s always telling me!) she is of you and your little family.I read your blog at Lori’s suggestion and I’m so glad I did. You and Ivan are truly inspirational and I applaud your honesty. What a roller coaster of emotion! It was great to read Lorna’s input too. You are truly blessed. Your words give me hope that, one day, my son and his partner will make me a grandmother. Jan x

    • Jan, thank you for your feedback. I love writing the blog, and all the time people want to read it I will continue to!
      I really hope that it inspires even one person to know they can have a family too, if they want. If that’s your son, how brilliant would that be!! X

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