Having a ‘fu*k’ it day!

I’ve had a ‘fuck it’ day and it’s been absolutely wonderful! If you haven’t had one recently go on, you deserve it.

I’ve had a rare Monday off.


It started with a well deserved lay in. Followed by a lovely cuddle with the husband and some deliciously uninterrupted ‘adult time’ together under the duvet.  Haha, okay, you’ve got me! Just kidding. I’m a parent, mornings like that are for those without kids!

It actually started, as usual, with me waking early. My mind whirring away thinking of all the chores I had to do that day, at the same time fending off my long-suffering husbands wandering hands, ever conscious of the kids bound to wake as soon as we started something.

Instead, I mentally prepared my days agenda; I had at least two loads of washing to do….mostly made up of stuff not even worn by the kids, instead just stuff they’ve chucked onto the floor and then tidied into the wash basket when I’ve shouted at them to clear their room. Then I had the bathroom to clean. I couldn’t continue to ignore the smell of wee around the toilet from our three little angels, who are clearly crap at aiming,  and yet point blank refuse to sit down because ” that’s what girls do!” Then I had to hoover through, whilst tidying the kids discarded ‘shit’ from yesterday…most of which I had already cleared away once the day before. I then needed to think about what to prepare the little darlings for dinner when they got back from school. Oh and I needed to shop, as the cupboards are bare, and nip to the pharmacy for Louis’ medication. All of this after feeding the goats, ducks and chickens. Walking and feeding the dogs and checking on the horses. A parents job is never done. Never a truer word spoken. I love being a parent, really l do, but sometimes it seems it’s just a never ending roundabout of one crappy chore after another!

That said, the morning started off surprisingly well actually.  The kids got up without too much shouting…from us or them…and they didn’t take the usual half hour deciding what they wanted for breakfast. It didn’t last though. It quickly went tits up when Wil slipped, face first, into his full bowl of cereal, tipping the contents over himself, the table, the floor and probably the neighbours too judging by the mess! How can one child be so clumsy?! Love him!  I blame the Sigston genes…..their kids tend to have big (huge) heads and Wil is still getting used to his. I’ve tried to teach him that he shouldn’t look down too much until his neck muscles are stronger, to avoid incidents like this. But he refuses to listen.  He did make up for it however by volunteering to help me feed the goats and chickens and collect the eggs. One job down.

Uniforms quickly ironed, boys dressed and hair slicked back with copious amounts of gel, we finally got to school only a few minutes late. Success on a Monday morning!

With a happy sigh and a clunk of the car door I sat in the drivers seat of our car, relishing the first silence of the day. Then promptly broke that silence by turning the radio up full blast and driving off singing to Brittany at the top of my lungs!  What? I’m gay. And singing makes me happy! Don’t judge 😄.

Back home, after a lovely autumnal dog walk and two (okay, maybe three) cups of tea later, I decided I couldn’t put my chores off any longer. Resigned to my fate I headed upstairs , grabbed the wash basket, and hauled it downstairs and into the kitchen. Which is where it stayed.

Looking around and mentally thinking about what I had yet to do I just thought fuck it! Screw the schedule. It can wait.. it’ll all need doing again tomorrow anyway. With a gleeful voice I danced around the house singing ‘fuck it!’ ‘fuck it!’ ‘fuck it!’ Like some mad football chant, dogs looking at me like I’d gone crazy!

Fuck it! I was going to have a me day!

Decision made I grabbed my swimmers and headed to the local pool…..50 lengths,  a jacuzzi and 3 sessions in the sauna later I felt great. And do you know what? I didn’t think about that list of jobs once. Nada. Nothing. Not an ounce of guilt. Just blissful relaxation and calm. Perfect.

I couldn’t neglect my adulting completely however. I still had to get stuff for tea and nip to the pharmacy for Louis’ prescription,  but this was easily softened with a coffee stop on route!

Picking up the kids from school later and getting home I didn’t feel the usual rush and stress. I felt calm. I was able to deal with the kids usual snipes and gripes much easier. I even managed to get some of the chores ticked off the to do list after all. And, as a bonus, my zen like calmness had rubbed off on the kids too. They were more helpful, friendly to each other even! Unheard of usually! We ended up having a delicious evening in fact. I loved it. I have decided this parenting lark is pretty good after all. And our boys are pretty special too.

So next time I feel like having a ‘fuck it’ day, I won’t hesitate.  I will grab it with both hands. I clearly needed it on this occasion and we all deserve some me time sometimes, don’t we?

And you know what. I may not even stop the husbands wandering hands tonight. Fuck it!!

Love S xx


3 thoughts on “Having a ‘fu*k’ it day!

  1. Love this, oh and I agree with the Sigston genes and the huge head (sorry Wil, but you’ll grow into it). 💕
    Love Auntie L x

  2. Made me laugh out loud whilst drinking my cup of tea. Extremely funny and so spot on. Good for you! We should all have “f*ck it” days more often!

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