The flipside of the coin: Hatred and lies

Now this is going to be a fairly short piece. It still hurts me to talk about it. I am over it. I don’t really want to re-visit it. And besides, it’s really not that relevant. I just felt that it was important not to gloss over things. After all, I can’t cherry pick the bits of my life that make me happy and not acknowledge the ones that just helped to make me stronger, more determined, and ultimately shaped my future in one way or another.

A few days after the initial article, which was positive and heart-warming, the Sun received a call from an ex-partner of mine. He decided to sell his ‘story’. Luckily I was given the heads up by people that knew him, and were disgusted by what he was about to do. I will always be grateful that they sought me out to let me know. Waking up to the lies and hatred that he had sold, without warning, would have been far worse than any anguish I felt before.

It was horrible though. I felt betrayed. Angry. Sad. Shocked. Guilty. I wondered whether he actually believed what he had said? Or whether he was just trying to be sensational, have his 5 minutes of fame and £100 in his pocket?

I was so enraged by the article that I came the closest I had to ‘selling’ my side. I didn’t give a shit about the money. I wanted to clear my name. I had documentary evidence to completely obliterate what he was saying. I came a dial tone away from giving Lorraine Kelly a call.

Then it hit me. It didn’t matter what I said. It didn’t matter what proof I had. People would believe what they wanted. The haters would hate and the lovers would love. I had almost made myself a pawn in the medias latest headline. Thank you friends, family and followers out there that gave me the strength to not let myself down.

Most of all, thank you William. Thank you for being the reason that letting myself down would have been so wrong.

In relation to the ex. I wish him all the best. I have no idea where he is or what he’s doing, or any desire to do so. But from my heart I hope that he is happy and content.

With regard to the article (and those that followed suite). I won’t publish a link, but they can still be googled if you feel so inclined.

Lots of love S xx


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